Four Poems – Jason Jenn – USA

Harold Norse was a celebrated queer beat poet who experienced quite a fascinating life. Although he is relatively lesser known than some of his contemporaries (like Allen Ginsberg), Norse was both highly respected and beloved by many figures within the Beat Generation movement.

The Beat Museum produced a centennial celebration in 2016 – where these poems were originally performed. As part of the 5 year anniversary of Planet Queer (LA’s exciting monthly underground experimental performance art venue) I presented a selection of 4 Norse poems.

3 poems on the theme of love set to music by Haydn followed by one of Norse’s most famous poems “I’m not a Man”

Jason Jenn is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist. He works at various times as a performer, writer, visual artist, director, producer, designer, curator, and video editor.  He creates for exhibition on stage, on screen, on the page, in galleries, and at site-specific locations.

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