Final Rest – Jerin Louis – V.G. Thampy – Canada – India

This is a poetry cinema, which details the last 12 years of an artist who lived a solitary life. Knowingly or unknowingly he is facing the reality of death. This experience of acute pain, loneliness, liberty and helplessness brings him to a different realm. The arrival of a goddess who can be his mom, lover, or god herself brings a new birth to his death. Now his final rest becomes an eternal birth.

Jerin Louis (born 2 July 1982) is a poet and a film maker of Indian origin and a permanent resident in Canada. Jerin has published two poetry books in 2003 and 2013. He has made his directorial debut in 2012 with a docufiction titled Muthassippathayam. His second directorial film was Final Rest ( Anthyashayanam) in 2020. He is currently graduating a 2 year Film production diploma from Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Canada.

Director Statement

There is no death, only changes in life.

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