Under a man made sun – R.W.Perkins – USA

Under A Man Made Sun is the second video-poem installment of what he is calling the “Vista Poems”, four poems examining how the the past and future collide and how in his opinion we are dealing with it. “Under A Man Made Sun” is a brief history of our digital past, honoring and criticizing our predecessors, while pointing out our own unwritten future is still very much up in the air.

R.W. Perkins is a writer, filmmaker, and digital marketing director living and working in Loveland, CO. Over the years, Perkins has produced hundreds of broadcast television and web-based commercial spots. Perkins’ short films have been featured at film festivals all over the world. Notably, his short subject film The Big Wait was selected as a top 20 finalist in Canon and Ron Howard’s Project Imagination nationwide film competition. In 2015 he wrote and directed his first feature film Crash & Burn Stories. You can also find Perkins written and digital works published on Moving Poems, The Denver Egotist, The Connotation Press, and The Huffington Post Denver. R.W. is in the process of wrapping up post-production on his second feature film Small Town Remedies and has been busy producing a short subject film Maggie (directed by Ben Hess).

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