Fatal when they Touch – Luna Montenegro – Adrian Fisher – Gines Olivares – UK

Reflecting on Gilles Deleuze writing on cinema the film searches for ‘an outside more distant than any exterior…. where the visible is covered over or buried’.

Ranging from mobile devices to the Universe the film explores our relation to nature and technology. It examines societies’ preoccupation with the face as part of a ‘black hole – white wall’ system trapping individuals between the body – image – capture – projection, fatal when they touch.

Director Biography – Luna Montenegro, Adrian Fisher, Gines Olivares

Luna Montenegro, Ginés Olivares and Adrian Fisher met filming an ancient South American indigenous fertility ritual ‘OSH’ 18′ in an old power station. They work together writing, performing and recording. They make films collectively ranging from poetry and performance to documentary and visual essays.

Adrian Fisher and Luna Montenegro are Visual Artists based in London making Poetry, Film, Performance, Installation, Drawing and Curatorial Projects. Ginés Olivares is a Poet and Film Maker working with documentary and fiction based in Berlin. Luna Montenegro (Chile/UK) studied Fine Art and Social Science at Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile. Adrian Fisher (UK) studied at Goldsmiths College, London University, BA Fine Art and Critical Theory. Ginés Olivares (Chile/Germany) studied Film Making at Universidad Arcis, Santiago, Chile.

Their short film, ‘Some recollections of mortality’ 2012 was selected for Zebra Poetry film Festival. Individually or collectively they have shown their work extensively in the UK, Europe and South America including CCCB, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Barcelona, ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Palacio das Artes, Bello Horizonte, Brazil as well as in diverse art galleries, cultural centers, residencies, festivals, site-specific projects, internet and radio.

Director Statement

We think of film as an immersive, poetic and transforming experience in which to research alternative narratives, rituals and documentary processes.
Our filmmaking is a collaborative act in writing, sound and visual aesthetics, a process of uncovering what is just beneath the surface.

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