Faites Vos Jeux- Marc Neys- USA

A film by Swoon based on the poem ‘faites vos jeux’ by Marleen de Crée (from ‘Hinkelspel’, Uitgeverij P, Leuven, 2008)

Words: Marleen de Crée
Voice: Katrijn Clemer
Translation: Annmarie Sauer
Additional Camera, editing & music: Swoon

Footage: “Margaret & Ernie’s Family (1942?)
Prelinger Archives – Home Movies (public Domain)

Thanks to Theo Hijzen, Jean & Marleen, Annmarrie
Uitgeverij P.

Screened at ‘De Nacht van Vonk’ (22/11/2014, Antwerp, Belgium)
Screened during a showcase on videopoetry for FROWN (07/02/2014, Athens, Greece)
Screened at the closing event of ‘Weg Met Dichters’ (01/02/2014, Aarschot, Belgium)
Screened in an abandoned jail near Tecopa as part of the Forgotten Film Gallery 2013 (Mojave, Us)
Screened at London Poetry Systems (LPS) 5th event at Edel Assanti (16/02/2013, London, UK)
Screened at ‘Den Hopsack’ at the book presentation ‘Sequenza’ (Marleen de Crée, World Internet Books) (15/03/2013, Antwerp, Belgium)
Screened at Galerij De Zwarte Panter at the book presentation ‘Tussen boog en snaar’ (Marleen de Crée, Uitgeverij P.) (13/08/2012, Antwerp, Belgium)
Selected for a video loop and screened at ‘Caddixroute 2012; Wind en Water’ (29/09/2012, Antwerp, Belgium)
Screened at “Filmscape” (30/07/2012, Dunbar, Scotland)
Screened at EROS or NOTHINGNESS “Void Network” (10/11/2012, Athens, Greece)


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