Fairy Tales from the Insubstantial – Julian Semilian – Romania

Beneath the current imperatives, these digitally kinetic paintings wager on the knowledge to be gained from the Unknown and the Unexpected. Bereft of the quotidian contamination with didactically dictated pedagogy, bereft even of conscious intent, they aimlessly aim to trigger in you, honorable viewer, unexpected states of enigma and delight… if one were only prepared.

Julian Semilian is an experimental filmmaker, film editor, teacher, poet, translator, and novelist. He was born in Romania and has been teaching film editing and experimental cinema at the University North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking, for over two decades, following a career as a film editor in Hollywood, where he worked on more than 50 movies and TV shows.

Located in SECCA’s Preview Gallery, Southern Idiom is a series that explores local artists and the variety of forms they produce. Past artists include Frank Campion, Kevin Calhoun, Eric Juth, Laura Lashley, Travis Philips, Alix Hitchcock, and Cindy Taplin.

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