Experimental Film is More Mainstream Than You Think

To be perfectly honest, experimental film can feel boring and pretentious if you’re not in the EXACT right mood for it. But the art form is cinema at its most uninhibited and it does not exist in a vacuum. Intentionally pushing the boundaries of mainstream film, experimentalism might have had more of an impact on the stuff you love than you might think.

So let’s check out some of the telltale signs of experimental film. For more experimental Cinefix, check these out!

Look at how Christopher Nolan’s use of time has changed throughout his entire career, From Following and Memento, to Dunkirk and Tenet!

How they used vfx, miniatures and practical effects to pull off the best batmobile chase The Dark Knight has ever seen in Batman Begins

Amelie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and 8 more of the most uplifting movies of all time! –

See how cinema’s relationship with artificial intelligence has evolved from the silent film Metropolis, past Blade Runner and into present day with Westworld –

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