Entre Les Images – Vito A. Rowlands – Belgium & U.S.A.

A young woman laments the loss of her innocence and mourns her lover as Europe is ravaged by war in the summer of 1914.

“Entre Les Images” is a found footage film composed of preserved 35mm nitrate film frames from over 100 silent films, a large number of them irrevocably lost or only partially preserved, with nothing to mark their presence outside of these majestic few frames. As a whole, they represent the hopes, dreams, and promises of tumultuous times that left their scars on its media, perpetuating life and death between every frame. Putting these frames back into motion allowed me to find new meaning for myself and hopefully for you as well. I invite you to get lost in the images, as I did.

Vito A. Rowlands is an award-winning writer, director, and producer whose films have toured internationally. His feature script “Elvis, We Like Your Music”, was a finalist at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival Development Track, and his short “Into the Silver Ether” (2020) premiered at the Raindance Film Festival. Vito has taught in Amsterdam, Ghent, and Copenhagen, and is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Film at Columbia University in New York. He is currently developing his first feature, the 35mm anthology film “Ovid, New York.”

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