Empty Roads – Amedeo Gallo – Valentina Formisano – Italy

“Empty roads” is a journey in the in central Italy hinterland, across industrial areas at night between roundabouts, signalmen’s houses, petrol stations an steet lamps in the fog. It’s an observation of the other’s life through architecture. And these “others” are nowhere. No men, no animals. Only the signs and habits of their rural life in the year 2019.

Amedeo Gallo was born in the province of Siracusa in 1984.
He moves to the Marche to study at the University of Camerino, where he graduated in pharmacy in 2012. Togheder with the studies, he develops a passion for video and he graduates in filmmaking from the film school and production center Officine Mattòli of Tolentino in 2015.
He currently lives and works in Macerata.

Valentina Formisano was born in the province of Naples in 1987. She moved to the Marche in 1998 where she lived, studied and worked until 2016. Her work was in various exhibitions and won numerous national and international competitions and scholarships for graphics, painting and writing. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata in 2013 with a special mention for the publication of her thesis. In 2017 she moved to Florence where she was a scholarship holder at the Bisonte Foundation. She currently lives, studies, writes and works in Rome.

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