Emotions in Metal – Tommy Becker – USA

“Emotions in Metal” is a 13 minute, investigative visual music work, written, recorded, edited and performed by Tommy Becker. It is divided into four vignettes that blend the artist’s: video, music, poetry, performance and computer generated design. The scenes link thematically in their investigations into human-vehicle relationships. Whether, acting out instructional poetry in the garage, creating mobile sound poems or documenting the interiors of strangers’ cars, the video work balances a playful humor with a critical eye on where society is currently parked.

TRACK 1: The sun is setting. I attach a cherry blossom branch to the grill of my car. I begin my journey through the neighborhood. At intersections, I stop simultaneously with other drivers. No one waves me ahead of them.

TRACK 2: The garage is a home for the car. This instructional poetry work explores the space as it conveys a history of human-vehicle facts through a series of performed actions.

TRACK 3: We consider our car interiors to be a private space, but they’re publicly viewable. What do these mobile spaces reveal about us? My camera searches for answers before being pulled into a synthesized computer world. A space we also mistakenly assume to be private. A space we also often find ourselves trapped in.

TRACK 4: When my kid was seven, we used to create call and response sound poems to pass time while driving. I recorded this one on my cell in 2014. Our vehicles can feel like huge human paper weights. This piece celebrates the ways we overcome the tedium of car time.

written, recorded, edited & performed by tommy becker ©2019

“Song for the Movement of Cherry Blossoms Shadows” – music production by Stephen Becker

Video synth footage by Kit Young – “Find a Way Through”

Voice Over work by Gale Van Cott “A Poem to be Read in a Garage”

“Sound Poem for Point A to Point B” by Little e & T. Becker / Car images created by Gateway High School Students & printed by T. Becker

Public Domain Footage sourced from the Prelinger Archive

“Ingenuity in Action” 1959, Written by Haile Chase. Directors: Sid Davis, Haile Chase.

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