+the Institute [for Experimental Art] 

is committed as an open meeting point for culture, contemporary art, creativity and performance.
Within the framework of the association, poets-writers, directors, promoters, curators, theorists and academics, theater and film actors, visual artists, music producers, photographers, designers, video artists, editors, software developers and art technicians, develop and offer new analytical and research tools for contemporary art, media and communication. We create a collective field of mutual aid for artists from artists, an organization for collaborative actions exploring innovative means of international cultural expression. We promote social aware works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture and  society.

learn & create

learn the latest professional creative art tools and skills

be a part of the

21st century avant- garde

turn your dreams into art

with the proper teacher every art student becomes a skillful artist –  in the proper art community your ideas turn into reality

Inspiring eLearning online Lessons that offer art students inspiring educational alternatives, plus opportunities of promotion, funding and collaboration

we present your art

every lesson ends with your
own art work completed
and presented in our platforms

we promote your artwork
in art festivals and events

creative collaborations

we bring together the new
generation of directors, writers,
editors, poets & sound producers for
the creation of all innovative art forms

how to promote your art

we teach you
all the technical skills
you need to promote your art
successfully in the digital jungle

how to apply for funds

learn how to apply easily and
successfully for
funds and grants
on art production and
international collaborations


learn how to start and continue your artwork with   international fund programs

next semester starts at November 2021

The Institute for Experimental Arts

provides artists with


long period lessons with serial of weekly zoom meetings


one specific open meeting for mostly theoretical subjects


learning process including practical skills and exercises

Video on Demand

fixed lessons recorded and offered to view on price


short live seminars of some hours

all lessons arrive to final artistic results finest of them will be promoted
by the Institute for Experimental Arts through the platform


+the Institute [for Experimental Arts]

is a global professional network that has collaborated with a total of 2000 artists worldwide and with forty (40) international festivals from 2008 until today. Our goal is to produce and provide fields of collaboration, artwork and educational opportunities for the international contemporary art community.

Our mission is

• Training, promoting and collaborating with young artists and innovative creators from all around the world– especially poor and post-colonial countries

• Bringing people in contact with contemporary art, promoting experimental and radical expression, highlighting outlets for professional rehabilitation through Art.

• Connecting artists with the international art scene in the fields of poetry, video art, experimental cinema, electronic music cross platform collaborations and many more

• Networking, recording, publishing, archiving and offering extensive public presentation of the work of our trainees.

• Promotion of experimental arts to the masses.
• Renewal of Poetry through innovative forms of presentation.
• Production of fine art accessible to people with disabilities and promotion of their creative work.
• Supporting contemporary social aware art and culture
• Production and promotion of projects by socially excluded groups and people
• Participation of our students in international festivals.
• Organization of conferences with the participation of academics and artists.
• Taking action for the promotion of amazing new radical artists.




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