Dread – Gabriella Bácskai – Lajos Danyi – Hungary

This film is an experiment in which a child enters an adult poem and becomes its main persona and performer. The poem, „Dread” by Attila József, portrays the childhood cruelty caused by poverty. The mother works for subsistence, and the little girl, the main character of the poem, has to take care of her baby brother. The baby falls the victim to the desperate loneliness of the girl, who uses the milk as a tool of torture. Meanwhile, the mother does not know what is happening while she is away from home, and the result is trauma for life for all three characters.
The film visualizes the verse through a series of pictures and moods, gives a mirror image of the misery and hopelessness of the entire era, though liberties are taken in diverging from the steps of the story. As presented by Luca Török, it is disturbing and shocking – but beautiful.

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