Destiny – Lina Bingi – Gregory Corso – Austria – USA

This video poem is tribute to Gregory Corso which is one of meta-lyric video series called “I regret being part of your regrets”.

Director’s Statement

My name is Lina Bingi. I’m Russian/Italian artist based in Vienna producing works since 2000 with artworks sold to private collections in Italy, Austria, UK and USA. I was graduated the Joseph Backstein’s Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow. Went on to study in Florence Metallo Nobile Art-school. I work primarily in video/performance and digital art. My work is a postmortem self-portrait which explores polarity of the world. Ever since I was a student of Art school I’ve been attracted by the beauty and calm energy of decaying. I often focus on a pure contrast between different aspects of existence with some ethical abolitionism. I juxtapose living and lifeless, perpetual and transitory, creation and destruction, fear and peace of mind. I like working with sustainable mediums, so in this work I used several techniques: recycled paper clay, digital collage, sound design. This video is one of the series of my meta-lyric video-sketches called “I regret being part of your regrets”, dedicated to Gregory Corso.

Destiny - Lina Bingi - Gregory Corso - Austria - USA
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