Deep Pink- Meriel Lland- UK

Deep Pink by experimental writer, photographer and cinenatographer Meriel Lland is a dreamy lullaby of memories and noetical fragments, places we visited, names we forgot, faces we desire, all mixed in the ocean of our mind.

Meriel Lland is a writer, natural history photographer, film artist and educator entranced by the stories we tell of the natural world and the secrets those stories reveal of their tellers. She has travelled with reindeer in Scandinavia, elephants in Africa and camels in Morocco. A turtle dove once shared her garden. A little advertising, a little journalism, a whole lot of theatre, a degree in Creative Writing and Visual Art, a Masters in Literary and Cultural Studies plus a doctorate in women’s self-portraiture, autobiography and storytelling. There’s also selling ice cream, waiting tables, washing dishes, walking homeless pooches, crewing a canal boat and baking cakes.

A mixed portfolio of natural history fieldwork, research and journalism, educational/community workshops, non-fiction writing, photography and film-making.
International Agents:
• Natural History Photographers Agency/Avalon PhotoShot
• Oxford Scientific Films/Getty.
Clients include The Natural History Museum, American Museum of Natural History, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, OUP, MacMillan, News International, RSPB Birds, Viacom TV.

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