Born Like a Bullet – Jimmy Fernandez – Chile

“Born Like a Bullet” is a collaboration project which combines poetry, dance and film, all in one, with the objective of creating awareness of our heritage and human rights. Like our black brothers, we have faced social discrimination and constant harassment by certain political figures. We´ve had enough. This must stop now and this is our way of protest. We want to let the world know that we our proud of being latinos.

Jimmy Fernandez is a Chilean-American director / musician born and raised in Washington D.C. After high school we went to Chile to study architecture later switching and making his way into the world of graphic design. After several years working as head of art for a Chilean agency, he decides to jump into the advertising world where he starts working as an assistant director in production services therefore working with the largest production companies in the market, such as: Stink, Rogue, Academy Films, Furlined, Primo Content, RSA, Circle, Knucklehead, Quad and many more.
In 2015, Jimmy decides to direct his first branded content video called “Real Love” which ended with more than 10,000 views in less than a week. His career took off automatically and began to establish his profession as a film director within the advertising world working with some of the most prestigious agencies in Santiago, Chile.

In 2017 he makes his first music video called, “Dejando Libre el Amor” by the acclaimed Chilean band, Chancho en Piedra, and with over 2,000,000 views he starts to make a name for himself.
In 2019 he arrived to Cinemagica where he makes another music video under the name of 2001. “Fingias” by Paloma Mami begins take off worldwide and with over 80,000,000 views up to this day, becoming the most famous Chilean music video in the world.
Now in 2020, Jimmy has traveled around South America shooting commercials for brands such as Jeep, Nestle and just recently developed branded content for Gretsch Drums, one of the most prestigious musical instrument companies in the world. We invite you to see some of his work below.

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