Bones – Kathleen Quillian – Quin de la mer – USA

Bones stitches together the “in between” moments from several different found home movies to highlight the small, forgotten moments that fill in the spaces between memories.

Kathleen Quillian is an Oakland-based artist who works primarily with found imagery, collage and stop-motion animation. She has exhibited in venues and festivals internationally including International Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco International Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Animasivo, REDCAT, the Exploratorium and the San Jose Museum of Art among others. She has served on the boards of directors of San Francisco Cinematheque and Artists’ Television Access and is currently co-director of Shapeshifters Cinema. Her work is made in the pursuit of understanding our collective and individual attempts to manifest, manipulate or otherwise connect with the unknown.

Bones - Kathleen Quillian - Quin de la mer - USA
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