Bass Pro Shop – Chet Weise – Doug Lehmann – Poni Silver – US

Bass Pro Shop by CHET WEISE
A Film by
Doug Lehmann
Poni Silver
& Chet Weise

“sometimes i wonder so much about space
and what the moon would say of us”

“Bass Pro Shop by CHET WEISE” is the second film collaboration between poet Chet Weise, and filmmakers Doug Lehmann and Poni Silver. It illustrates Weise’s poem, originally published by Peach Magazine, by casting Weise as an astronaut, traveling to our moon and allowing him a different perspective on the things that surround him back home.

The poem itself is about subversion, subterfuge, exploitation, freewill, vulnerability, intolerance, Elvis, The Grateful Dead, Memphis, Nashville, and two Bass Pro Shops. The film reflects a sonic, exterior, and interior exploration into the poem’s cloud of ideas, themes, sounds, and personalities.

Chet Weise’s poetry and fiction have appeared or been anthologized in publications such as Birmingham Poetry Review, Constant Stranger: After Frank Stanford, Copper Nickel, and Peach Mag. A musician, too, Weise toured and recorded with groups The Quadrajets and the Immortal Lee County Killers‬. He was banned from Canada during 2008.

Weise currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is the editor at Third Man Books and plays guitar in Kings of the Fucking Sea, a band named after a book of poems.

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