As before, I didn’t do anything – Jin Young Park – Rebublic of Korea

Last year, I experienced a death, a disease and a low point in a relationship, all around the same time. When these unbearable pains happened, I simply swallow them, unprepared, or at least I thought I did. But those memories translated into feelings and broke me into little fragments. Thelife as I knew it – relationships, memories, facial expressions and expressions – all fell apart. To be honest, I haven’t done anything about it until now. I have never tried to discuss or express it. I am still trapped in that time. Now, I intend to pull myself out of the past. I want to face myself still stuck in that time. Park presents archives of unexpected past occurrences that happened around the same time, in separate yet similar tracks with some overlaps. Part 1. Shape of the room Part 2. Form of archives Part 3. Records of recovery

Director Biography – Jin Young Park

Park has been part of many choreography and video art projects as well as exhibitions in Korea and Europe. Her works-in- progress for 2020 include “Nomadic Life,” which was selected for a June online art exhibition presented by Straight Through the Wall 2020 and “Vestiges of Disappearance,” a video art piece to be projected onto walls throughout New York City in October. Her dance video “(and) about time (too)” is scheduled for screening at the 2020 International Dance Film Festival Brussels in October. She is a selected choreographer for the Asia Dance Community Choreographer LAB organized by the Asia Culture Center, and expects to showcase her work in September.

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