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The international platform expands the cultural characteristics of poetry, video art and cinema
by providing compelling and insightful art news, reviews, and information online.

We are helping the creation of a market for small independent movies, we offer a digital venue for art lovers
to experience fields like poetry, video art and experimental music, art forms that have limited promotion and
visibility to the general public. has a host of web-exclusive features, including news and reviews that are updated each weekday.
As a result, the site has become an essential resource for a growing art-world audience that is sophisticated
and engaged.

The has over 2.3 million users from all over the world, averaging 7 million page views per year.

We are a platform for democratizing film making, a journey on artistic expression, experimental storytelling,
and fascinating portrayal of social life.

The digital platform FILMPOETRY.ORG enrich filmmakers and producer’s opportunities, offering:
free live streaming of films for international audiences, open communication with other artists, financial support,
promotion, distribution and marketing training services to help artists unify their careers.

Through its use, it provides simultaneous access to almost all forms of art by a broad, diverse,
educated and mostly globalized audience which can, through almost all its senses, come into contact with original
and innovative artistic creation.

We connect festivals, films, museums, galleries, exhibitions, books, submission call outs, and all kinds of art projects
with the global art world. We increase intellectual culture and commitment of the international audiences
as well as further strengthen and develop partnerships through international collaborations and digital educational
and creative actions in all art forms.


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We inspire the most connected and influential people on the planet to THINK BIGGER.

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