We are a platform for democratizing film making, a journey on artistic expression, experimental storytelling, and fascinating portrayal of social life.

The digital platform FILMPOETRY.ORG enrich filmmakers opportunities, offering: free live streaming of films for international audiences, open communication with other artists, financial support, promotion, distribution and marketing training services to help artists unify their careers.

Through its use, it provides simultaneous access to almost all forms of art by a broad, diverse and mostly globalized audience which can, through almost all its senses, come into contact with original and innovative artistic creation.

We increase intellectual culture and commitment of the international audiences as well as further strengthen and develop partnerships through international collaborations and digital educational actions.

The Institute for Experimental Arts established in 2008 in Athens- Greece as an international cultural society, a non-profit platform for creative expression and research in the fields of theater, performance art, digital media, installation, poetry and art theory. The Institute is committed to existing as an open meeting point for poets-writers, directors, actors, theater engineers/ technicians, performance artists, photographers, video artists and writers from all continents, who open new ways on contemporary art, media & communication.

The Institute for Experimenatl Arts cultural society created and present FILMPOETRY.org Digital Platform with international resonance and various objectives: 

・ supporting contemporary poetry and experimental visual arts by creating, producing and promoting original artistic works in cooperation with international poets, directors, sound producers and video artists

・research and promotion of contemporary artists from social minorities and excluded social subjectivities

・ distribution and presentation of works at 30 International Video Festivals,

・ development of e-learning programme for the training and support of young artists and the cultivation of the wider public

・ provision of an accessible digital file based on the repository of the International Video Poetry Festival -est. 2011

The Institute of Experimental Arts will create video poems based on works of contemporay poetry aimimg to connect poets with some of the best video directors and video art makers in the world, to produce and promote original audio-visual poems.

We are aiming to have an accessible material that will include productions in Greek, English, French, German, Spanish and all other languages of the world subtitled in English and free for all to enjoy.

All the digital productions of the Institute for Experimental Arts will be submitted to 30 international poetry and video art festivals with which the Institute already maintains several years of co-operation promoting the spirit of synergy among artists from around the world.

In addition, the platform will enable education and artistic training through online seminars and workshops with academics, artists and art theorists from Europe, Australia and America.

FILMPOETRY.ORG is an International Digital Platform, constantly open for submissions, constantly enhanced and updated with new submitted productions, art news, announcements of call outs and festivals, trailers, teasers, theory and presentations. Through the platform, the experimental artists from all over the world will be able to interact, co-operate and achieve visibility to the global audience by sharing their works and creating an open, interconnected art community.

We believe that independent video production has the potential to inspire and change the way we perceive the world and social reality. We are passionate about maximizing the general influence of 21st century avant-garde. Our mission is to develop an inclusive and creative open access network for filmmakers, poets, musicians and video artists, to host the collaboration of poets and filmmakers in new media, believing that this is the best way to renew and attract the public interest for poetry, this ancient art-form in the 21st century.

So, we’re helping the creation of a market for small independent movies, we offer a digital venue for art lovers to experience fields like poetry, video art and experimental music, art forms that have limited promotion and visibility to the general public.

We’re creating a catalog of ideas, views and revelations, an accumulation of new, mind expanding creations, we highlight and support the talent, we have passion for DIY social aware films, video poems and animations, we are enthousiasts of spoken word and we love experimental sound productions emerging from young creators, especially from far away unknown lands. More experienced and famous artists and theorists participating in the program offering their empowerment and guidance.

We want to offer not only an unforgettable film experience for the public, but also an enriched field of presentation for independent filmmakers, musicians and video artists.

To support the project, the Institute of Experimental Arts has set up a permanent curitorial committee with members from different scientific and artistic fields.

Our main goal is to produce artworks that push the boundaries of contemporary storytelling, inspire and provoke.

We’re looking for the most exciting and innovative storytelling in different ways, films that challenge and inspire the audience, the creation of unique, dedicated to bring together artists, minimize the separation of artistic media and embrace the power of visual storytelling and creative imagination.

The digital platform and film production program are designed to present a unique perspective on the innovative trends in poetry, introducing new ways in which this powerful form can be used for education, entertainment and the enhancement of arts, digital software and multimedia, exploring the impact on education, society and culture, developing a context of exciting and awakening creativity that inspires and empower. The organization of training seminars guarantees the sustainability of the platform at technical level, but also the creation of a new qualified generation of partners.

FILMPOETRY.ORG (International Digital Video Platform) produced by +the Institute for Experimental Arts and funded by the Digital Culture Programme, Ministry of Culture / Greece

FILMPOETRY.ORG is a multi-thematic creative field with multi tergeted digital functions. It aims to become a global archive and network of video poetry and experimental films, hosting 21st century experimental art, offering educational programmes, seminars and research that celebrates and supports independent artistic creation and at the same time seeks a stronger and more productive sense of community in the sector. A digital platform for working together to produce and distribute original artistic work in the fields of poetry and literature, music, performing arts, film storytelling and video art, as well as organizing classes, digital seminars, educational workshops and creative research.

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