A Useful Addition – Anna Fotiadou – Cyprus

A video poetry created for an exhibition at 4BID Gallery in Amsterdam, November 2016.

It brings together two art forms, text and image, poetry and video, uniting in premeditated chance. The video-poetry recites in the duality of its identity and juxtaposition, where one instance cannot exist without the other: text-image, real-unreal, silent-noise, still-motion, reception-deception, physical-digital, presence-absence.

Anna Fo is a multidisciplinary artist and educator with specialisation in video art and direction. She received her Bachelor degree in Graphic Communication from the University of Nicosia and holds a Master degree in Performance Design and Practice from the University of The Arts London, with a specialisation in ‘Postmodern multimedia performance and video art’. She attended art courses, workshops and seminars in Cyprus and abroad and completed an art residency program in Amsterdam (Netherlands 2016) funded by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, where she presented “Low Barometer” —a theater play through the use of video mapping and digital art media.

Anna is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and has been awarded with the Cyprus National Award for Illustration. She is also a part time lecturer in the Department of Arts at the European University Cyprus and teaches Film Theory at the Satiriko Drama School in Nicosia. Anna has been working as a video artist, art director and director for various theatre plays, performances and dance shows, in Cyprus and in Europe. She is the co-writer of the awarded film “Pause” (Cyprus, Greece, 2017). She directed her first short film entitled “Drained” (Cyprus, USA, 2020) which will be released in 2021 and explores issues of femininity, abandonment and revenge through a contemporary re-tell of the myth of Clytemnestra.

Anna has presented her artwork —both in solo and group exhibitions— in galleries, venues and festivals in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Austria and Mexico. She works in collective art projects and collaborates with artists of different practices and disciplines. Her artistic research focuses on the subject matter of reality and its detachment by exploring conceptual frameworks of text and image, within an examination of performance, digital media and placement in space.

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