Zero Dimension – Sunya Madrigal – Mexico

“Dimensión Cero” is an artistic venture that intervolves the stillness of architecture with the fluidity of dance. The architectural space ceases to be a passive object of contemplation when auspiciously awakened by the flow of dance, in a back-and-forth pulsation between a singular body of space and the captivated gaze of the camera.

Sunya I. Madrigal Alvarez Ugena a.k.a. Sunya Ratio.

Filmmaker and transmedia artist. Hers cinematographic and audiovisual pieces “Dimensión Cero”, “La Serpiente”, “The meeting of fragmented memory”, “Escalen Process”, among others, have been screened and exhibited at the International Video Poetry Festival (Athens, Greece), International Short & Symbolic Art Film Festival (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Moving Images Videodance Festival (Nicosia, Cyprus), NodoCCS Experimental Video Festival (Caracas, Venezuela – Barceona, Spain – Kristiansand, Norway), Festival Shorts Mexico, Mexico Prague International Film Festival (MPIFF), International Festival of Santo Domingo Mujeres en Corto (Dominican Republic) , at the International Festival of Performing Arts – El Cruce, International Festival of Videodance Body Media (Rosario, Argentina), International Exhibition of Women in Film and TV (Mexico), SHORTS MEXICO (CDMX, Mexico), Dulcísimo Ovario (Pachuca, Mexico), Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), Cine Tornado Festival (Curitiba, Brazil), in Lift-Off Sessions (London), Prisma Independent Film Awards (Rome), as well as various public institutions in Mexico.

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